You Can’t Fight Christmas

You Can’t Fight Christmas

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Leslie is making Christmas beyond magical at the famous Chesterton Hotel. That is until the owners decides to turn the hotel into a money spinning conference centre. Can Leslie change their minds in time for Christmas? A realtively typical Christmas movie that's sweet but won't win any awards.

You Can’t Fight Christmas follows the self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas Leslie (Brerly Evans). Throwing herself into the big gig of the year she is making Christmas beyond magical at the famous Chesterton Hotel.

Unfortunately for her, the grandson of the hotel’s owner and his soon to be wife Millicent (Persia White) have other ideas. They plan on calling time on the Yuletide celebrations by turning the hotel into a money spinning conference centre.

The rom-com factor is played out when Leslie falls off a ladder in the lobby during the decorating frenzy. And straight into the arms of the delectable Edmund (Andra Fuller). He would tick all the boxes if it wasn’t for his intense dislike of the festive season. This however, doesn’t stop Leslie developing the mother of all crushes on Edmund. That's much to the annoyance of the scheming Millicent who has grand business plans for the unsuspecting Edmund, including their wedding.

Will Ms Scrooge get her way and completely revamp the hotel? Or will Edmund find his Christmas spirit in the arms of the sassy but big-hearted Leslie and put an end to Millicent’s ‘let’s end Christmas talk'?

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You Can’t Fight Christmas is the one to watch if you have an affection for all things festive. It’s slightly cheesy, romantic and most of the characters are pretty likeable. Some could argue there’s a bit of a cringe factor attached. But you can forgive this as there are more pluses along the way like female solidarity, an easy on the eye love interest and most of all Christmas decor on a very grand scale. Yes, Edmund, Christmas is frivolous and extravagant, but isn’t that why we love it?!

This is definitely worth a look but don’t expect to be bowled over. It’s a cute watch whilst pimping up the Christmas tree. Just watch yourself on the ladder …..



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  • Not Overly Cheesy
  • Deeper Storylines
  • Funny In Parts


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