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You Get Me

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When Tyler and Ali break up after an argument, Tyler quickly stomps off and has a one night stand with Holly. However, Holly is completely psychotic and stalks him, turning his life upside down. Will these teenagers survive Holly's wrath? Fatal Attraction it ain't!

You Get Me is an interesting film albeit one with a few questionable plot choices. Tyler and Alison are your typical loved up teenage couple. It's fairly obvious because we kept getting told, that they really really love each other. Like, they have found their soul mate in each other – that level of teenage love. But come to the end of an otherwise blissful Summer and one night threatens to ruin everything.

At a party, Tyler (Taylor John Smith from Sharp Objects) encounters one of Alison's exes who explicitly details her various previous sexual exploits. Because he's an a-hole. Clearly too immature to acknowledge that the love of his life may not actually be the Virgin Mary, Tyler stomps off and has a hissy that leads him straight to Holly (Bella Thorne). Cue a wild night of frenzied partying, drug-taking and a one-night-stand. And of course the required level of guilt and remorse that can only be found in the cold light of day.

Hoping his indiscretion will remain buried firmly in the recent past, Tyler gets quite the surprise when Holly turns up as a newly enrolled student in school. Worse still, she's a complete nut job and Alison has conveniently become her best friend. You can see how this isn't going to end well…

Stalker Holly has her heart, and psychotic mind, set firmly on Tyler and nothing will stop her from getting her man. She's willing to kill for it. This is where we ultimately end up as Tyler realises, just in the nick of time, that Alison might be in danger. You don't say!

I'm sure you have gathered by now that You Get Me is a predictable and cliched movie. However, it didn't start out too badly, except for the overkill in the ‘love' department. It's nicely shot, has a decent premise and is generally well-acted – initially. But then it goes off the rails and you soon realise that the characters are very much pigeon-holed with little range outside of ‘girlfriend', ‘nerdy friend', ‘side-kick' and ‘stalker'. And before too long you start to realise that You Get Me is a teenage movie pretending to be Fatal Attraction. It is not. By the end, you genuinely wonder how this movie ever got made. Try watching ‘YOU‘ instead.


  • Starts Off Okay
  • Nicely Shot
  • Had The Bones Of A Good Movie


  • Plot Holes Everywhere
  • Gets Steadily Worse As It Goes On
  • Script Goes Rapidly Downhill


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