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The fate of Bear Grylls is in your hands. Or at least in your remote control as you guide the intrepid adventurer through the jungle, desert, mountains, and mines of the world in this interactive survival series. A bit more interesting and engaging for kids.

Hosted by Bear Grylls, You vs. Wild is an interactive survival show on Netflix. Similar in creation to the likes of Minecraft: Story Mode, You vs. Wild allows the viewer to control the outcome of the show. Where it differs is that Bear Grylls is talking directly to you, offering information to help you make decisions that will see him navigate the jungle safely.

It's all very daring and dangerous which makes it very exciting for kids. And, having watched it with mine, that's exactly who the show is aimed at. The scenes are short as Grylls makes his way over canyons and cliffs, dodging alligators and pitfalls – all with your help. As each obstacle approaches, you get the low-down on what will happen if each scenario fails. Then you decide which route he should take.

Climb up a mountain, or jump off it? Cross the cliff via a swinging vine or on a rickety wooden board? Some choices end well, others lead to his demise. In that case, you have to go back and choose the alternative option and replay the scene to move on. Each of the episodes has a different location. The first two are in the jungle but Grylls quickly moves on to the desert, the mountains, and even an abandoned mine. And with each only lasting about 20 minutes, they whizz by quite quickly.

I can only imagine just how much work Bear Grylls had to put into this show to film all of the alternative endings. And yet the production value is consistently high and the scenarios are exciting enough to keep kids engaged.

For me, I wasn't as enthralled. I lost interest quite quickly but children will really like it. If you are a big fan of Bandersnatch or Battle Kitty, You vs. Wild may not have the sophistication you are after. But what it does have is a level of adventure as well as an element of education – should you ever find yourself lost in a desert that is!


  • Great For Kids
  • Very Adventurous
  • Solid Interaction


  • You Have To Like Bear Grylls
  • Created More For Kids


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