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When animals around the world start to seemingly communicate with each other in what looks like an uprising against humans, a team is created to get to the bottom of the anomaly. Zoo is a science-fiction drama, with the emphasis on 'fiction' as it slowly becomes more ludicrous with each episode.

What would happen to the world if animals suddenly decided to become predators that specifically targeted humans? That's exactly what happens in Zoo. From CBS but now available on Netflix, Zoo is primarily a drama but with a hint of sci-fi added to the mix. Jackson Oz (James Wolk) works in a safari in Africa with his best friend Abraham Kenyatta. But things change completely when a pride of lions targets a bus full of tourists, killing 22 of them.

Jackson soon discovers that all the lions were male and working together which is unheard of in the animal kingdom. But when other animal anomalies start occurring around the world, Jackson, Abraham and three others are recruited as a team to get to the bottom of what exactly is happening. The rest of the team is made up of a reporter called Jamie (Kristen Connolly) who is fixated on blaming an international chemical company, a pathologist called Mitch and a French agent called Chloe Tousignant.

With money no object, the group jet around the world and MacGyver their way through various sticky situations. As each random animal event happens, threads start to form as to how the animals are mutating. Unfortunately for Jackson, it would appear that his now-deceased father could be responsible for the mutations. However, things quickly go south when a close ally betrays them and soon the five heroes are on the run.

So can they find the solution to all of the world's problems? Well, that's debatable. As the first season of Zoo progresses it becomes clear that there is a main culprit for the animal transformations. The problem is proving it. So far so good. However, as the story unfolds, the plot becomes slightly more ludicrous. Characters do unfeasibly stupid things and people can seemingly travel around the world faster than teleportation. The more episodes you watch the dumber is seems to get. BUT! Yes, there's a BUT…

It is fiction. Science fiction. It's not supposed to be a guide on how to avoid getting eaten by a lion. It's pure fantasy and designed to keep you watching episode after episode. So in that regard, Zoo is quite good. Sure, the plots become repetitive – animal outbreak, team swoops in, major obstacle, overcome it and solve the day. But overall it's a decent story, just one that doesn't necessarily get resolved as CBS canceled it after three seasons.


  • Decent Premise For A Show
  • Three Seasons On Netflix
  • Fast Paced


  • Characters Do Really Stupid Things
  • Plot Grows Increasingly Ludicrous


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