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ZZ Top – That Little Ol’ Band From Texas

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Get to know the full story of one of the most iconic bands ever. Just who are the men behind the Beards who have given us some of the funniest music videos of all time. This wildly entertaining but brutally honest and insightful documentary takes us right back to the start. Right back to school years, yes before the beards and takes us on the roller coaster ride that's lasted over fifty years.

ZZ Top – That Little Ol' Band From Texas gives a detailed historical look at one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. This is a band that has truly stood the test of time. Possibly due to their amazing capacity to create a unique sound that captured audiences across all generations. But there's no denying that it's the huge beards of the two frontmen, that sets ZZ Top apart from any other rock band in history.

This three-piece band consists of Billy Gibbons (Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals), Dusty Hill (Bassist and Secondary Vocals) and Frank Beard (Drummer and Backing Vocals). But if you don't already know, Frank Beard is the one member of the band who does not have a beard. It's just one of those weird little quirks about one of the most mysterious bands around. So, do we get to find out what is behind the beards, including Frank Beard? Well, the short answer is yes. The viewer is treated to a great deal more from behind the curtains than you would expect.

Most rock n roll documentaries can become a little tedious. That is largely due to the huge ego massage fest that they become. However, the production team at Banger Studios do a fine job here. But, it's only possible because the three members of the band are clearly not nauseous ego monsters. In fact, what does stand out is that it is all about the music and this comes across with powerful integrity.

On top of this, the personal interviews get sincere and honest responses from each band member. We get to see each band member's history running right back to their school years. Which, when we are talking about Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill is a real eye-opener. There are also some surprises with there previous music styles and how they matched up to become ZZ Top. But for me, by far the most revealing was listening to Frank Beards brutally honest back story.

As expected, there are heaps of testimonials from management and crew members of ZZ Top. Plus, a long list of superfans who give their personal views on the band. But, all of them reflect the same views as a standard fan. The frontman, of the Queens of the Stone Age, hits the nail on the head when he describes how much he was mystified by what lay behind those beards. A stand out though is the reactions from Billy Bob Thornton. He describes how he felt when he saw ZZ Top perform live on stage. And his response resonated strongly with me. Because I will never forget seeing ZZ Top live at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1993.

Now, if you are already a fan of ZZ Top then it stands to reason that you will love every second of this documentary. But, let's say that you have never heard of the band. It's still well worth watching ZZ Top – That Little Ol' Band From Texas. Hugely entertaining, lot's of fun and packed full of their fantastic music. Plus you get to see some of the classic music videos too. The only catch is, there could have been more and it could have been longer. However, this does make it easy to digest.


  • Entertaining.
  • Insightful & Revealing.
  • Lot's of Great Music.


  • Could have been longer.


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