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The Beanie Bubble follows the story of the 90s Beanie Baby craze as told from the perspective of the three women who collaborated with Ty Warner to make it the biggest toy phenomenon in history.

Based on Isaac Asimov's sci-fi series, Foundation is a complex futuristic saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire.

In a grim and oppressive future, the human race desperately clings to existence in the depths of a massive underground structure known as the silo. But it has its secrets and one woman wants to unrave...[Read More]

Hijack is a thriller that follows, you guessed it, a plane from Dubai to London that has been hijacked. But passenger Sam Nelson has a plan to save everybody on board. Will it work?

Sylvia and Will used to be best friends. After years apart, and now at different stages in their lives, they've reconnected in the friendship comedy Platonic.

Hello Tomorrow! follows salesman Jack Billings who leads a team of associates determined to convince their customers to buy timeshares on the moon in this retro 1950s style drama.

A French woman discovers she must compete against a Japanese man for the inheritance of the world's largest private collection of wine left by her estranged father in the superb drama, Drops of God.

The Essex Serpent is a drama that follows Cora Seaborne who moves to Essex to investigate reports of a mythical serpent. Forming a bond with the local pastor, when tragedy strikes, locals accuse her o...[Read More]

The Last Thing He Told Me follows Hannah who discovers that her husband has been hiding a huge secret about who he really is...