Wanted follows two strangers who find themselves on the run for their lives when they accidentally become prime suspects in a murder they didn't commit. Solid Australian crime drama.

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey follows the extremist religion that is the FLDS and how its leader, Warren Jeffs was eventually brought to trial for his extensive crimes. True crime documentary but one that...[Read More]

Chris Hemsworth stars in Spiderhead as a pharmaceutical genius who oversees a prison full of volunteer inmates who agree to be used as medical subjects in exchange for commuted sentences. But what hap...[Read More]

God's Favorite Idiot follows Clark, an ordinary guy who gets hit by lightning before finding out he has been chosen as a messenger for God to help save the world when Satan arrives. Comedy series star...[Read More]

Rowan Atkinson plays Trevor who is house-sitting in a luxurious mansion when he starts being tormented by a bee in this quirky and goofy short comedy series, Man Vs Bee.

Captain JJ Collins is in charge of the interceptor base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when a coordinated attack then threatens the base and the world. An all out action-packed blockbuster style m...[Read More]

'The Last Post' is a drama set during the 1960s in the middle eastern country of Aden. As Britain's empirical power fades, a detachment of Royal Military Police struggles to keep control of the coloni...[Read More]

It's A Sin is an exceptional drama about a group of friends in the 80s whose lives are devastated by the AIDS/HIV epidemic that sweeps across the world.

The Upshaws is a sitcom based on a working-class family with all the drama and comedy that comes with juggling teenagers, jobs and all the ups and downs that life hands you. Starts slow but gets bette...[Read More]