Page Eight

A solid British political thriller, Page Eight follows an MI5 agent who must step up when his best friend and boss suddenly dies.

Red Rose

A group of teens are caught up by the Red Rose app, which threatens them with dangerous consequences if they don't comply with its demands.

Luther: The Fallen Sun

DCI John Luther is back but after a stint in prison is on the hunt for a sadistic serial killer in Luther: The Fallen Sun, a decent crime thriller.

Brian and Charles

A uniquely odd but charming and heartwarming movie about a man, who when he finds himself isolated and lonely, builds a robot for company, in Brian an...[Read More]


Extraordinary follows Jen, who lives in a world where everybody gets a superpower when they turn 18 - except her. So now 25 years old and with her lif...[Read More]


Trying follows Jason and Nikki and all they want is a baby, but it's the one thing they just can't have. So they decide to adopt in this very good Bri...[Read More]

The Holiday

Four families go on holiday together, but when secrets are revealed and tensions rise, it doesn't end well for any of them in the British drama, The H...[Read More]

Love Sarah

When Sarah dies, her best friend, daughter and mother fulfil her dream and open a bakery, Love Sarah, in this sweet but quite uneventful drama.

The Deceived

When Ophelia Marsh falls for her Cambridge lecturer, her world is turned upside down when his wife dies and she finds herself losing her mind in The D...[Read More]

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