When three parents discover their daughter's pact to lose their virginity on prom night, the Blockers set off to stop the girls in a night of madness ...[Read More]

Late Night

Long time night show host Katherine Newbury is in danger of losing her career so to shake things up she hires a new show writer in the form of Molly P...[Read More]

Due Date

Peter is a meticulous detail orientated architect who's about to fly back to LA, where his wife is about to have their first child. That is until he b...[Read More]

A Million Ways to Die in the West

The Wild West is called Wild for a very good reason. It's very dangerous, so dangerous that sheep farmer Albert Stark is terrified and wants things to...[Read More]

Medical Police

A comedic parody of every police and medical show ever made, Medical Police follows two doctors who discover a virus and are recruited as government a...[Read More]

The Brothers Grimsby

When two young orphan brothers are separated, they grow up into two very different worlds. After 28 years apart, they are finally back together and re...[Read More]

Betty White: First Lady Of Television

Betty White is one of the most bed entertainers in show business. Her TV career began in 1939 and has continued virtually non-stop ever since. The inc...[Read More]

Merry Happy Whatever

When Emmy brings her new boyfriend home to meet the family over the holidays, things don't go to plan as her dad Don really doesn't like him. Merry Ha...[Read More]

The Hustle

If you have never seen Dirty Rotten Scoundrels you will probably really enjoy The Hustle. However, if you have then you will find it very difficult to...[Read More]

I Think You Should Leave

If you cringe comedy sketch shows, then I Think You Should Leave will be right up your street, you may even think it's comedy genius. For everybody e...[Read More]

Alexa & Katie

Alexa & Katie are best friends, who on the verge of heading to high school, discover that Alexa has been diagnosed with cancer. So how will these girl...[Read More]

Tiffany Haddish Black Mitzvah

Tiffany Haddish Black Mitzvah marks another comedy special for both the comedian and Netflix. However, unlike some of her earlier material, this falls...[Read More]

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