Home For Christmas

Fed up by constantly having to explain why she is single, Johanne tells her family she has a boyfriend. Except she doesn't and now she has 24 days to ...[Read More]

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany Forglar is stuck in a rut of partying hard and always looking for a good time. But when her doctor tells her that she needs to change her way...[Read More]

Iliza Shlesinger Unveiled

Iliza Shlesinger Unveiled is the fifth Netflix standup special from the popular comedian. Drawing on her own experiences of planning a wedding and get...[Read More]

Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

Seth Meyers Lobby Baby is a stand-up special from the late-night comedian and is an hour of fun and laughs about life as a husband and father. Relatab...[Read More]

Living With Yourself

What if you could undergo a procedure to literally ‘be your best self’? And what if the best you met the current you and had to share the same life? T...[Read More]

Daddy’s Home 2

In the pursuit of the perfect Christmas co-Dads, Brad and Dusty decide to get the whole family together in one place for some fantastic festive fun. B...[Read More]

Dolemite Is My Name

It's time to get funky, super retro Rudy Ray Moore funky. This wild biopic tells the story of the creation of the stage character Dolemite. An all-sta...[Read More]

In Bruges

Just where is the best place to go and hide out when you need to lie low? Well, how about the beautiful but sleepy Belgian city of Bruges. This brilli...[Read More]


A quirky blend of Sci-Fi and Comedy, Colossal stars Anne Hathaway in this Godzilla inspired genre mash-up about a woman who's frustrations manifest th...[Read More]

Death At A Funeral

Chris Rock heads an all-star cast in Death At A Funeral, a dysfunctional family comedy about a funeral gone wrong. There are plenty of laughs in the i...[Read More]

Ready To Mingle

Ana suddenly finds herself single and getting increasingly desperate joins a class on how to find a husband. Ready To Mingle is a really authentic and...[Read More]


When Maynard gets drunk, dons a gorilla costume and goes running through the streets, sightings of 'Bigfoot' draw huge attention to the small town of ...[Read More]

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