The Upshaws

The Upshaws is a sitcom based on a working-class family with all the drama and comedy that comes with juggling teenagers, jobs and all the ups and dow...[Read More]

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle is an action-comedy starring Stephen Chow and follows the story of a murderous neighbourhood gang, a poor village with unlikely heroes,...[Read More]

Senior Year

A 37 year old woman wakes up from a twenty-year-coma and goes back to high school to reclaim her status and the prom queen crown she missed out on. Co...[Read More]

Ten Percent

Ten Percent follows a London talent agency and the agents who manage their celebrity clients through various disasters while balancing their personal ...[Read More]

How I Met Your Father Coming To Disney Plus

Hit comedy How I Met Your Father is coming to a tv near you very soon on Disney+ but what date will it be released? All the details here...

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin follows an ordinary young woman called Jane who gets pregnant after being accidentally artificially inseminated and then her meticulou...[Read More]


It's 2033 and you can Upload your consciousness to a virtual afterlife before you die but what happens if you think somebody murdered you? Brilliantly...[Read More]

The Bubble

The Bubble from Judd Apatow is a brilliant comedy about a group of actors stuck in a hotel in a pandemic bubble while they make a movie sequel for a h...[Read More]

Russian Doll

Uber modern, almost bordering on hipster, Russian Doll is the story of Nadia who dies on her 36th birthday but soon finds herself in a never-ending lo...[Read More]