Deadwater Fell

An idyllic community is thrown into chaos when a perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they knew. All is not what it seems in Deadwater Fell...[Read More]


Martial arts meets the 1800s Wild West in Warrior, when Ah Sahm immigrates to San Francisco and becomes a hatchet man for the most powerful gang in Ch...[Read More]

Criminal Record

A wrongful conviction, a corrupt team of officers and one detective willing to put her career on the line for the truth, in crime drama Criminal Recor...[Read More]

Blue Bloods Season 14 – When Is It Coming To Paramount?

We've been watching the Reagan family for 13 years and we still want more! But when will we see Blue Bloods season 14 back on tv?

Through The Darkness

If you loved Mindhunter then Through The Darkness is your next fix. A thriller drama based on the experience of Kwon Il Yong, Korea's No. 1 profiler.


Nick Brewer is being held hostage in Clickbait. On an online video he confesses to murdering a woman and when that video gets to 5 million views, he w...[Read More]


When an experienced con man takes a newbie under his wing both their lives change forever as the stakes get even higher in Focus, a movie with unfille...[Read More]

Best 9 Crime Drama Hidden Gems – Stream Them All Today

We've scoured the vast ocean of streaming services to unearth the most captivating crime drama hidden gems that you might have missed.

The Killer

Michael Fassbender is The Killer in David Fincher's crime drama about an assassin who slowly descends into madness while on an international manhunt.