Artemis Fowl – Teaser Trailer

Do you believe in Fairies? Well, get ready to see what Fairies do when you really upset them… Disney is set on dominating the film industry, with a host of big movies hitting the screen in 2019. They will be hitting us with everything from Superheroes to classics like Dumbo. Then the icing on the cake, they will finish the year with the final episode of Star Wars. Artemis Fowl sits somewhere...[Read More]

The Lion King 2019 – Teaser Trailer

Get ready to sing Hakuna matata again! Yes The Lion King is coming back with a great new look and a brand new cast to deliver some classic Disney magic into all of our souls. The original Lion King hit our screens well over twenty years ago now, it is one of the biggest grossing films of all time. There have been theatre productions that are still a huge success around the world. Even the soundtra...[Read More]

Dumbo Trailer

A waft of a Disney classic has hit radars this week as the official Dumbo trailer has been released. It will be a remake of the 1941 production, however, the animation may have improved over the past eighty years or so. Tim Burton is directing Dumbo, which is a step back marginally from his usual horror themed animations.  Dumbo is one of those tales which is guaranteed to provide a rollercoaster ...[Read More]

Toy Story 4 Trailer

When Toy Story 3 was released in 2010 we were given the impression that the story had come to a close. Andy handed down his toys to his little sister and Andy said ‘so long partner' to his faithful companion. Little did we know that there would be a regeneration in the timeline and we are about to open the next chapter in the eventful life of Toy Story. Except for a reintroduction with some ...[Read More]

Wreck It Ralph 2 Trailer

Scheduled to hit the cinema screens on November 21st 2018, Wreck It Ralph 2 is the sequel to, you guessed it, Wreck It Ralph! It's been six years since the beloved Ralph and Vanellope made their debuts raking in over $470m at the box office so will Ralph Breaks The Internet do as well? The movie centres on Wreck-It Ralph's adventures in the Internet data space when a Wi-Fi router gets plugged into...[Read More]

Christopher Robin Trailer

The kids are nearly on their Summer holidays and the will undoubtedly want to be kept entertained every minute of the day for the next seven weeks. So if a trip to the cinema is on the cards, check out Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin is a fantasy comedy-drama film directed by Marc Forster inspired by the Winnie The Pooh books from A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard. It is a live action film starri...[Read More]