From Disney comes the award-winning Encanto, featuring the Madrigals, a large multi-generational Columbian family, and their magical gifts that help t...[Read More]

The Official Trailer For ‘Jungle Cruise’ Is Now Here! Coming To Disney+

You may remember that in 2017 there was a rumour circulating about Disney developing a movie based on their theme park ride, ‘Jungle Cruise'. We...[Read More]

Waking Sleeping Beauty

This is the story of Disney Animation Studios from their utter slump in 1984 through the Disney Renaissance up to 1994. With previously unseen footage...[Read More]

The Imagineering Story

Ever wondered how the Disney parks around the world get dreamed up and created? Wonder no more as The Imagineering Story gives us a fascinating look a...[Read More]

Aladdin – Teaser Trailer

It seems as though Disney fans have already used one of the Genie's three wish as Walt Disney Studios have released a first special look trailer for A...[Read More]

Frozen 2 – Teaser Trailer

Unfortunately for parents, children won't ‘Let it go' that Disney have finally released the trailer for Frozen 2! Six years after the first film...[Read More]

Artemis Fowl – Teaser Trailer

Do you believe in Fairies? Well, get ready to see what Fairies do when you really upset them… Disney is set on dominating the film industry, wit...[Read More]

The Lion King 2019 – Teaser Trailer

Get ready to sing Hakuna matata again! Yes The Lion King is coming back with a great new look and a brand new cast to deliver some classic Disney magi...[Read More]

Dumbo Trailer

A waft of a Disney classic has hit radars this week as the official Dumbo trailer has been released. It will be a remake of the 1941 production, howev...[Read More]

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