The Volcano: Rescue From Whakaari

With riveting survivor and rescuer testimonies, coupled with incredible footage, this captivating documentary brings to life the tragedy of the 2019 v...[Read More]

Wild Croc Territory

Netflix's series, Wild Croc Territory, follows fearless Matt Wright and his croc-wrangling team as they relocate some of the world's most ferocious re...[Read More]

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?

The Netflix documentary 'Pepsi, Where's My Jet?' takes us back to the heady days of the mid-1990s. It follows the story of a teenager who took on one ...[Read More]


Jonah Hill turns the tables by being a patient that makes a film about his therapist, Phil Stutz, in this very interesting and thought-provoking docum...[Read More]

Eat The Rich: The Gamestop Saga

Eat The Rich: The Gamestop Saga is a documentary that follows the events in 2020 when the Gamestop stock rocketed up from a value of $3 per share to $...[Read More]

Unsolved Mysteries

Unexplained deaths, UFO sightings, and disappearances are the focus of Unsolved Mysteries, a documentary-style show that details the accounts of cases...[Read More]

Sins Of Our Mother

Lori Vallow is accused of murdering two of her children, he ex-husband and the wife of her fifth husband. Now her surviving son tells the story in the...[Read More]

Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee

Running With The Devil follows the life and death of software pioneer John McAfee who went from fortune and fame to being wanted in several countries....[Read More]

D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!

In the 1970s D.B. Cooper managed to hi-jack a plane, successfully collect a ransom of $200,000, and jump out of the flight with a parachute to apparen...[Read More]