Ad Vitam

Blending the Sci-Fi and Crime genres is French offering Ad Vitam. In a future where regeneration technology lets humans live indefinitely, a cop and a...[Read More]


It's 2025 and a glitch in VR technology has opened a vortex that allows a detective to communicate with his wife who died in 1998. Now the race is on ...[Read More]

Drops of God

A French woman discovers she must compete against a Japanese man for the inheritance of the world's largest private collection of wine left by her est...[Read More]

Women at War

Women at War is a French drama that follows four women whose lives intersect in a frontline town as France enters World War 1. Drama, tension, and wel...[Read More]


Based on the famous Lupin books but set in modern Paris, Assane Diop is a gentleman thief and master of disguise who sets out to prove his father was ...[Read More]

Only The Animals

A woman goes missing from a small French village in the middle of a snowstorm in Only The Animals. The story is told from five different angles as the...[Read More]


Imagine a drama class putting on a mood piece about psychological breakdowns, throw in an ad-libbed script and LSD and you have Climax. It's an experi...[Read More]

Back To School

Two best friends decide to return to their junior school to flaunt their success and get revenge on the bullies that made them miserable 20 years earl...[Read More]

Black Spot

If you're a fan of shows like The Bridge, Trapped or The Killing, then French offering, Black Spot, is definitely one for you. Laurène Weiss is the Ca...[Read More]

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