Another solid horror from James Wan, Malignant follows Madison who discovers that her visions of grisly murders are in fact terrifying realities. But ...[Read More]

Werewolves Within

Based on a popular VR game, where one of the local townsfolk is a werewolf and it is up to you to hunt them out, Werewolves Within blends horror and c...[Read More]

Body Cam

In Body Cam, Mary J. Blige plays an officer who discovers dashcam footage showing the death of a colleague before it mysteriously disappears. Attempts...[Read More]

The Hunt

Twelve strangers get on a plane but wake up in a remote location but they don't know where they are, or how they got there. They've been chosen for a ...[Read More]

Escape Room

Lured with mysterious puzzle cubes, six strangers figure out clues in an Escape Room with the promise of a large cash sum if they succeed. But the puz...[Read More]

The House

Stop motion animation, The House is a horror infused anthology centred around a grandly designed house that comes to dominate the lives of three diffe...[Read More]


What if there was an app that predicted, very accurately, the exact time you would die? That's the simple premise for horror flick Countdown.

No-One Gets Out Alive

No-One Gets Out Alive follows Ambar, an illegal Mexican immigrant desperate to get ID papers who finds herself stuck in a creepy apartment complex rid...[Read More]

All Of Us Are Dead

The Netflix original series 'All of Us Are dead' is the highly anticipated Korean series based on a popular webcomic (Now at Our School). If you like ...[Read More]