Movies Like Knives Out – 10 Murder Mysteries For Whodunit Fans

Knives Out, directed by Rian Johnson, was released in 2019. The cast includes Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon and Ana de ...[Read More]

The Rig

The Rig follows a group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig who are forever changed when the appearance of a mysterious bank of fog changes everyt...[Read More]

The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys are in Bridgeport and unraveling one mystery at a time in this well-rounded wholesome drama that is suitable for all the family.

The Pale Blue Eye

It's 1830 at West Point, New York, and a young cadet has been murdered. Can detective Landor solve the crime? Maybe with a little help from Edgar Alle...[Read More]

One Of Us Is Lying

Five students walk into detention but only four come out alive. With all pleading innocence, they must ask themselves which One Of Us Is Lying? A teen...[Read More]

Knives Out

Calling all murder mystery fans for the best whodunnit in years. Knives Out intricately unfurls a web of lies and deceit to determine if multi-million...[Read More]

Death On The Nile

Hercule Poirot is back as Kenneth Branagh reprises his role on Death On The Nile, where the murder of a high society socialite must be solved before t...[Read More]


Created by and starring Tom Hardy, Taboo follows adventurer James Delaney who returns to London during the War of 1812 to rebuild his late father's sh...[Read More]

Best Shows For Couples – Who Can’t Agree On What To Watch!

Netflix and Chill? More like Netflix and Kill. It's a common occurrence these days. Your partner suggests watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prim...[Read More]

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