Harlan Coben’s Shelter

Harlan Coben's Shelter follows Mickey Bolitar, who finds himself in a race against time to save not only his friend but also his father who may or may...[Read More]

Missing: The Other Side

A solid Korean mystery drama series that follows a village full of the spirits of deceased people and the quest to find their missing bodies and disco...[Read More]

You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here follows Joe, a hitman tracks down missing girls for a living. While Phoenix is incredible gain, the movie is just too focus...[Read More]


Korean horror drama Revenant sees Ku San Young's life change when she receives a ghostly relic from her dead father and mysterious deaths begin to tak...[Read More]

Pretty Little Liars

When Alison disappears, her four friends must band together against an anonymous enemy who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets as well as invest...[Read More]

Inside Man

Inside Man sees a death row prisoner in the US and a Vicar facing a major dilemma in the UK, cross paths in this mystery crime drama from Sherlock's S...[Read More]

School Spirits

Maddie Nears is dead. Now she sits in the afterlife with no memory of how she died or who killed her in School Spirits, an addictive whodunnit on Para...[Read More]

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