Netflix Getting Sued. Again.

The Netflix legal department must be in overdrive at the moment. No sooner had they settled one ridiculous lawsuit from the Satanic Temple for $50m and another has come along. This one comes from the publishers of the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure' series of books. The basis of the suit is that a recent episode of Black Mirror, Bandersnatch, unfairly used their brand without permission. The sho...[Read More]

AI Could Put An End To Netflix Password Sharing

We all have them. Friends or family members who we gave our Netflix passwords to. Now though it looks like Netflix is going to crack down on our over-sharing! Last week, a software firm Synamedia, unveiled their AI (Artificial Intelligence) system designed to combat sharing. It can track down accounts that have been sharing login information with another. The system cleverly uses geolocation softw...[Read More]

New On Netflix In January 2019

New year, new content! Yes, our favourite streaming service has been hard at work adding new and old titles for you, the viewer. So if you want an excuse to bin the gym (forget that New Year's resolution!) then here are all the movies and shows getting added to Netflix in January 2019. The biggest day for new content is January 1st. Anticipating that we will all be hungover and binge watching on t...[Read More]

12 Christmas Movies To Get You Through The Festive Season

If you haven't already watched every single Christmas movie that is available on Netflix here is our run down on 12 of them. The list isn't exhaustive but one or two may just take your festive fancy! 1. The Christmas Chronicles 2. The Holiday Calendar 3. Angela's Christmas 4. The Princess Switch 5. Love The Coopers 6. You Can't Fight Christmas 7. The Christmas Prince 8. The Christmas Prince: The R...[Read More]

Watership Down 2018 Trailer

Watership Down is an iconic story that has shaped a whole generation either by reading the book by Richard Adams or being traumatised by the screen version – we picked up the news on the upcoming remake back in October check out our blog story here. Netflix and the BBC have joined forces to re-create this classic and it is clear they wanted to create as much hype as possible. They have kept ...[Read More]

Netflix To Create Roald Dahl Animations

Netflix is on a roll. Not only do they have 64 Original movie and shows dropping in December, with plenty more in the pipeline, they have just made another huge announcement. Roald Dahl's most famous creations are heading to Netflix. And not the films we've already seen. Oh no! These will all be brand new original animations. Netflix and The Roald Dahl Story Company has announced a new slate of or...[Read More]

New On Netflix In December 2018

‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la laaaa…and with the anticipation of Christmas in December comes a brand new schedule from Netflix. There is a HUGE body of work being added to the streaming service including a whopping 64 Original titles. The 7th is the first really big day for new additions. The Dolly Parton collaboration Dumplin' with Jennifer Aniston streams, as does the highl...[Read More]

Everything You Need To Know About Travelers Season 3

We know there are plenty of big hitters on Netflix. But there are some gems that seem to fly under the radar and Travelers is one of them. The show first aired in Canada in 2017. Two seasons were streamed before Netflix took over the rights to it. They then commissioned Travelers Season 3 which will stream exclusively on Netflix. For fans of the show the good news is that an air date has finally b...[Read More]

Richard Madden Removed From Netflix HQ

Star of Bodyguard, Richard Madden recently visited the Netflix headquarters in California and was surprisingly unwelcome. Considering Bodyguard will soon be one of Netflix's most popular shows, you'd think they would show the potentially new James Bond a bit of hospitality! Richard claims that when he entered the facility he was told immediately that he was in the ‘wrong building.' He replie...[Read More]

Netflix Increase Prices?

When Netflix was just starting out it didn't even have a streaming platform. They actually used to post you the rental DVD which you would send back when you had finished watching. This subscription cost a total of $7.99 (£6.24) a month and since then the prices have kept increasing. To meet the high demands for new content, Netflix continues to purchase streaming rights from the most famous shows...[Read More]

New On Netflix In November 2018

With so much getting added and taken away from Netflix every month, it's easy to miss out on some amazing shows and movies. We've compiled a list of all of the new shows and films being added to Netflix in November 2018. Big ones to make a note of for the month are House Of Cards Season 6 on the 2nd, The Sinner Season 2 on the 9th, Narcos Season 4 which drops on November 16th and Greenleaf Season ...[Read More]

Super Drags Trailer

In the past few years, Netflix has added some whacky animated TV shows to its collection. Off the top of my head, the most unconventional show I've seen Netflix produce is Big Mouth. However, from taking a look at the first Super Drags trailer, it could be a strong contender. The title is pretty self-explanatory. The new Netflix series will follow the heroics of a trio of Drag Queens. Saving the w...[Read More]

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