Nick Frost

Fighting With My Family Trailer

To wrestle in the WWE is some kids dreams from all across the world. The combat sport diluted with an entertainment series is what attracts the huge fan base of the business. For two siblings in Norwich, England their goal of entering the wrestling world will soon become a reality.  Their family was bought up on wrestling and their father (played by Nick Frost) is ecstatic that his children get th...[Read More]

Slaughterhouse Rulez Trailer

It has been a matter of years since we last saw Simon Pegg and Nick Frost combine to create a hilarious apocalypse movie. Fortunately, the pair is back in Slaughterhouse Rulez. Simon plays an unconventional teacher in a disciplined boarding school which has a certain standard in its everyday procedures. Seeing Simon Pegg handle that formality alone would have been hilarious, but the real story is ...[Read More]