The Legions

The Legions follows the fortunes of three young men who join the Polish Legions to fight for the future of an independent Poland. Fantastic action sce...[Read More]

The Green Glove Gang

The Green Glove Gang are three older female burglars who hide out in a nursing home to evade the police in this funny Polish comedy-drama.

Broad Peak

The scenery in Broad Peak is breathtaking, and the tale is both uplifting and heartbreaking. It's a must-see for fans of mountaineering or adventure f...[Read More]

High Water

Based on a true story, High Water is a dramatisation of the Millennium Flood that hit Poland in 1997. A decent Limited series that blends fact with fi...[Read More]

In For A Murder

When Magda discovers a murdered woman in the local park she uncovers a connection to the disappearance of her friend fifteen years earlier and decides...[Read More]

Squared Love

Squared Love follows primary school teacher Monika who is leading a double life as a model but her two worlds clash when she meets Enzo and has to wor...[Read More]


Chief Trela is transferred from Warsaw to a small Polish town in Signs. He soon finds himself in the middle of a murder case that is exactly the same ...[Read More]

The Woods

It's Poland in 1994 and four teenagers at a summer camp go into The Woods and never come out. What exactly happened all those years go and can Pawel K...[Read More]


When Ola witnesses an accident on an overpass she believes that the victim was murdered. The police disagree. So Ola, with the help of Ultraviolet, a ...[Read More]