Sci Fi

Artemis Fowl – Teaser Trailer

Do you believe in Fairies? Well, get ready to see what Fairies do when you really upset them… Disney is set on dominating the film industry, with a host of big movies hitting the screen in 2019. They will be hitting us with everything from Superheroes to classics like Dumbo. Then the icing on the cake, they will finish the year with the final episode of Star Wars. Artemis Fowl sits somewhere...[Read More]

Bandersnatch | Black Mirror

Your pithy summary of a movie should give the visitor the essence of the film in just a few lines. Referencing other films is a quick way to do this. If you liked Vivian Lee in a Street Car Named Desire - you'll love her in Gone With The Wind.


Brought to the screen from the creators of District 9, Chappie is an extraordinary Sci-Fi movie that mixes hard action with full sentimentality. It is hard not to fall in Love with Chappie.


When two strangers take part in a mysterious drug trial they are assured it has no complications or side-effects but will solve all of their problems permanently. But things do not go as planned. While Maniac is in the sci-fi realm it's more a story about loneliness, human connections and friendships. A bit weirder but more engaging than The Innocents.

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond is the third movie to hit the screens from the brilliant re-boot series from J.J. Abrams. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto shine as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Packed full of action and dramatic battle scenes - if you are a fan of the new Star Trek films you will love this outing.

Altered Carbon

It's 2384 and human consciousness can be digitised and downloaded into different bodies. 250 years after being put 'on ice' Takeshi Kovacs has been brought back to life by Laurens Bancroft and must solve his attempted murder for the chance to live again in a world he doesn't recognise. Futuristic action-packed drama that gets the definite thumbs up.

Edge of Tomorow – Live Die Repeat

Imagine Groundhog Day but mixed up with epic battles against aliens and you are getting close to Live Die Repeat. This frantic SciFi keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through offering a fresh approach to this style of movie.

Star Trek Discovery

If you are a Star Trek fan you will love Star Trek Discovery. For some Trekkies, The Star Trek franchise had lost its way, but Discovery goes straight back to battling with Klingons.

Cloak And Dagger

The latest Marvel offering, Cloak And Dagger is a dark fantasy drama centred around the divine pairing of two teenagers who must overcome their tragic past and work together with their new found super powers. For those who like comic based revivals, this is more cynical and gritty than Arrow but not as dark as Jessica Jones.


With future humanity on the brink of extinction, time Travelers have come back to the 21st century in a desperate bid to change the events that will ultimately cause destruction hundreds of years from now. If Fringe, Continuum or Person Of Interest floated your boat then this will too.  

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is often described as a modern version of the popular 60s TV show The Twilight Zone. Although they share some similarities, Black Mirror is much darker in nature. Each episode poses uncomfortable questions to the viewer about the future, human relationships and how technology is changing our lives, often for the worse.

Salyut 7

Salyut-7 is the true story of the Soviet Space station which began to fall to earth in 1985. If you enjoyed movies like Apollo 13, Gravity and The Martian then you'll love this too.