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Shows Like ‘Deadwind’ – 8 Awesome Crime Dramas To Stream

If you're on the hunt for more shows like 'Deadwind' we have a list of some recommendations to help you find your next Scandi crime caper. Not all the...[Read More]

Shows Like ‘Bad Blood’ – 10 Amazing Crime Series To Stream

If you enjoyed this Canadian mafia drama, you might be looking for more shows like Bad Blood, we've got the perfect list. Keep reading to discover our...[Read More]

Shows Like ‘The Durrells’ – 11 Awesome Movies & Series To Stream

Here are 11 alternatives for fans of 'The Durrells' to enjoy, the list has a pinch of nostalgia and a large helping of family drama. Take a look at th...[Read More]

Shows Like ‘Selling Sunset’ – 9 Awesome Real Estate Series To Stream

If you're looking for a show to fill the void left by Selling Sunset, here are some similar series. Our list features programs that you can stream now...[Read More]

Shows Like ‘The Boys’ – 8 Super Alternatives To Amazon’s Hit Series

We've put together a list of shows like 'The Boys' that you can watch while they wait for the next season to drop. You'll find new takes on superhero ...[Read More]

Shows Like Doctor Who – 13 Fantastic Series For Time Lord Fans

If you're looking for more shows like Doctor Who? You'll be hoping for series or movies with time-travel elements, evil aliens and maybe even a killer...[Read More]

Shows Like Black Mirror – 11 Mind Bending Series To Stream

So you're looking for more movies and shows like Black Mirror? Well, I have put together a list of 11 fantastic series and films that fans of Charlie ...[Read More]

Shows Like Derry Girls – 9 LOL Comedy Series To Binge!

If you're looking for more shows like Derry Girls, we have nine hilarious recommendations for fans of Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle and James. Our list ...[Read More]

Shows Like Midsomer Murders – 9 Murder Mystery Gems To Watch

Midsomer Murders is the UK's longest-running contemporary detective drama. The quintessentially British series remains popular around the world. If yo...[Read More]

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