Superhero Movie

The New Mutants – Teaser Trailer

The New Mutants takes us right back to the first students at the X-Men school. But beware this is like no other X-Men Universe movie we have seen before. Get ready to be scared to death – this is X-Men Horror!!!! If you are a fan of the X-Men you will have been a fan of the various movies that have been hitting our screens since 2000. Eleven movies have been produced so far, that also includ...[Read More]

Hellboy – 3 – 2019 – Rise of the Blood Queen – Teaser Trailer

Ok the wait is over! The Big Red Guy who likes to kick some supernatural ass is back on our screens and this looks amazing… This reboot of the Hellboy franchise has been a long time coming. The first Hellboy was released way back in 2004 with the follow up Hellboy 2 hitting the screens in 2008. Both of these films were written and Directed by Guillermo del Toro, a multi-award winner who is f...[Read More]

Avengers 4 – End Game – Teaser Trailer

Well if you are a Marvel fan, Christmas has come early today. Marvel have released their first Teaser Trailer for the new Avengers 4 Movie called “End Game” – December 7th 2018. Hot off the press just for you – Check it Out… Now we all must agree that the end of Infinity War was dark, I mean really really dark. This was not a good ending for the fans, it seemed that a...[Read More]