Suicide Squad

A secret government agency recruits the Suicide Squad to form a defensive task force and their first mission is to save the world from the apocalypse....[Read More]

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder follows Thor as he enlists the help of Korg, Valkyrie and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster to fight Gorr the God Butcher, who intends ...[Read More]

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a coming-of-age series that follows Captain Marvel superfan Kamala Khan as she discovers her own ability to control cosmic light. Surpri...[Read More]

Jupiter’s Legacy

Sheldon Sampson is The Utopian, the leader of The Union, and one of the first six Superheroes ever created in Jupiters Legacy. But how did they get th...[Read More]

Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn is back in Birds Of Prey but now she has split with the Joker and joins the other superheros to save a young girl from an evil crime lord...[Read More]


This amazingly deranged neo-noir comic book classic set the benchmark for the colossal wave of superhero movies that we have experienced in recent yea...[Read More]

Iron Man: Armoured Adventures

How did it all begin for the legendary Tony Stark? Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, takes you back to high school when 16-year-old Tony first designed h...[Read More]


Ragnarok is a Norwegian teen drama based on Magne who discovers that he is the living embodiment of Thor, God of Thunder. A quirky superhero series ba...[Read More]

I Am Not Okay With This

Based on the comic by Charles Forsman, I Am Not Okay With This follows 17-year-old Syd through her mundane and frustrating life, that is until she dev...[Read More]

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