Vikings New Season Release Date

Vikings final Series 6 – Teaser Trailer

Wow – Just Wow. What a finish to Season 5 of Vikings we had on the 30/01/2019. But the History channel has wasted no time at all getting the new trailer out for season 6… Well, it is fair to say, the second half of Vikings season five really brought the show back on track. Personally, I thought the first half of season five was quite weak. But we really got to see everything unfold in ...[Read More]

Vikings New Season – Release Date 28th November 2018

If there is one thing we all love, that's knowing when your favorite show is coming back on the TV. One of our favorite series on Amazon Prime is Vikings – read our full review here.  So when the History channel chose to set the internet alight on November the 5th with a full confirmation of the launch date and much more we were over the moon. Vikings has been easily one of the best historic...[Read More]