Aladdin – Teaser Trailer

It seems as though Disney fans have already used one of the Genie's three wish as Walt Disney Studios have released a first special look trailer for Aladdin.

The first teaser trailer was released at the start of October 2018 with the film set to be released May 2019. However it didn't provide much of an insight into the remake of the Disney classic. We didn't get to see many of the characters other than Aladdin, who is played by Mena Massoud.

We meet Princess Jasmine for the first time in the new trailer as she can be seen walking down the stairs in what seems to be a palace. Naomi Scott takes on the role with her most recent movie being Power Rangers in 2017. Finally we meet the Genie after Aladdin rubs the lamp.

The Genie is the one everyone has been waiting for after seeing Will Smith got the role but not actually seeing what he looked like. Will Smith will be taking over the character that was originally made famous by Robin Williams. Apparently the new Genie will be made up of The Fresh Prince and Hitch.

Guy Ritchie is directing the movie and will be hoping it's a smash hit, unlike his last film King Arthur. He has cast Will Smith and Naomi Scott knowing they can both, debatably for Smith, sing. Mena Massoud though has had to learn to sing and dance for his role as Aladdin.

With only a couple months left to wait it looks like this is going to be a Disney classic already and we cant wait to see what type of Genie Will Smith brings.

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