Antlers – Official Trailer

Get ready to be taken to a very dark place… This collaboration between Guillermo del Torro, Scott Cooper and Nick Antosca looks absolutely terrifying.

Antlers is based on the “The Quiet Boy” written by Nick Antosca. The story is available to read at Guernica, but beware this is not for the faint-hearted. One thing is for sure, this dark tale that seems to introduce the Wendigo will make for a classic horror film.



Oscar-winner Guillermo del Torro is the executive producer for Antlers, the first in a series of fantasy/horror films to be made for Fox. Scott Cooper from Black Mass directs and co-writes, which will be his first horror movie. Looking at the trailer it is clear that Del Torro and Coppers creative styles work incredibly well together.

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The cast of Antlers is small but full of quality. Keri Russell stars as the teacher who discovers the dark secrets of one of her pupils. Jesse Plemmons who worked brilliantly with Cooper in Black Mass plays the local Sheriff. Jeremy T. Thomas plays the disturbed schoolboy Lucas Weaver. But it will be interesting seeing how Scott Haze does playing the part of Frank Weaver.

Personally, I am not a big horror fan. However, having read the short story The Quiet Boy, and being a big fan of Guillermo del Torro I will certainly be watching Antlers. One thing is for sure though – I won't be watching it on my own.

Official Antlers Twitter Feed.

Antlers – Release Date Early 2020


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