Avengers 4 – End Game – Teaser Trailer

Well if you are a Marvel fan, Christmas has come early today. Marvel have released their first Teaser Trailer for the new Avengers 4 Movie called “End Game” – December 7th 2018. Hot off the press just for you – Check it Out…

Now we all must agree that the end of Infinity War was dark, I mean really really dark. This was not a good ending for the fans, it seemed that all of your favourite characters were just turning to dust – like dead dust. As far as happy endings go, this was like someone walking on screen at the end of a Lassie movie and shooting him.

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However, there were heaps of hints dropped too that has had the rabid fans wanting to find out what is going to happen and with nothing confirmed the internet is soaked with speculation. As always there are a million and one fake trailers out there, that have been thrown together and are packed full of nonsense.  Well not being fans of “Fake News” – sad… We have kept a close eye on the Official Release from Marvel and just a few hours ago the brand new teaser trailer was released.

Admittedly it does not give away too much apart from the name “Avengers End Game”. But so what, it looks fantastic with the confirmed release date of April 2019 you can be sure that there will be a sequence of these teasers to come in the coming months – Happy Christmas.





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