Between Worlds Trailer

Halloween may have passed, however, that doesn't mean gore and horror has as well. For generations, we have searched for the films which will scare us to within to an inch of our lives. After seeing the Between Worlds trailer, I believe it'll do exactly that.  

The Between Worlds trailer dropped last week and it has gotten many horror fans even more excited after revealing Academy Award winner, Nicolas Cage will be a lead character. He will play the role of ‘Joe' a widow who is also grieving the loss of his daughter. In a turn of events, Joe helps save a life of a young woman who was in a motorcycle accident. Or did her life get replaced with another entity?

When the door is opened to other realms, it is almost impossible to close. Other beings can pass through and when Joe's wife returns, it is far from a moment of rejoicing. For reasons which haven't been revealed in the trailer, his wife wants vengeance on the living.

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‘The past never let's go' and this one evil spirit will take its revenge at any costs.

The production which was filmed in Sweden and Alabama and will be released in cinemas at the end of the year. We can't wait for it, and neither can she…

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