Bill & Ted Face the Music

Ok, the wait is over! It's time to be Excellent to Each Other! Yes, the two lovable dumbass slackers from San Demas California need to get back into the time-traveling phone booth to Save the World and the Whole Universe – No Pressure then.

Now you would not believe it, but the first Bill & Ted film was released thirty-one years ago. I know, now that makes you feel old hey. But if you are not familiar with the first two films, Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure & Bill & Teds Bogus Journey became huge cult hits. Based on two teenage metalheads from San Demas, California Bill S. Preston Esquire, and Ted Theodore Logan. Two lovable losers who dream of making it big with their band ‘The Wyld Stallyns'.

They are basically ruining their futures because they are totally rubbish. That is until Rufus a dude from the future turns up and tells them what their future holds. The whole Universe is saved in the future due to them basing their culture on ‘The Wyld Stallyns' – creating eternal peace. So, Rufus helps them on their way by letting them use a time-traveling phone booth to make sure they keep their destiny alive.

It's fair to say, that the first two Bill & Ted films were just about as outrageous as you could ever make. So, let's say that Bill & Ted Face the Music will be pushing those boundaries again. Now, fans of the franchise will be totally excited dude about the new film. I mean, they certainly have waited for a totally bogus time for it.

Now, Bill & Ted Face the Music was announced in 2018. So, I like everyone else was thinking, just how are they going to do this with the same cast. But, it looks like a masterstroke, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves reprise their roles. Yes, you heard me, John Wick, and Neo is bravely jumping back into the role that really set off his career. In fact, he even sounds like a stupid John Wick in the trailer, which is going to seriously mess with your head. But, do you know what, Keanu Reeves was fantastic in this role all those years ago and it will be totally awesome to see him at it again. On the flip side of that, Alex Winter has virtually been unseen in front of the camera while Keanu Reeves has become one of the biggest stars in the world.

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Let's get straight to the point, does the trailer put all of the concerns to bed. Well, as far as I am concerned, Yes. Ok, it's a bit nuts making a middle-aged Bill & Ted. But all the movies are totally bonkers and it's just so cool to stick with the premise and run with it. It's relatively limited from the first trailer to build the full story. But it looks like exactly the same story as the other two films apart from they are old losers now. Fans are going to love to see some of the old characters back. Well, death is certainly back to help them out. Plus a whole heap of cameos from Rappers and music stars. Even Rufus makes a return to help Bill & Ted get history back on track.

Keep up to date with Bill & Ted 3 – Face the Music.

Oh, come on… Yes, it's complete nonsense and totally ridiculous. But, these two losers getting everyone to be excellent to each other could just be what the world needs right now! I can't wait!

Bill & Ted 3 Bill & Ted Face the Music – Release Date 28th August 2020

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