Black Mirror: Series 5 – Official Trailers

Charlie Brooker is back with another science fiction anthology series which makes up the fifth series of the hugely popular Black Mirror. 

Black Mirror was created back in 2011 by author, presenter and critic Charlie Brooker. It explores various social concepts and looks at the consequences that could occur due to new technology.

Each is a standalone episode that is not linked to any of the others. The characters don't overlap into different episodes either. Brooker gets different actors for each episode to keep them fresh and entertaining for the viewer.

Originally it was broadcasted on Channel 4 for the first two series. In 2015 Netflix bought it and since then there has been two series and one film, Bandersnatch. The fifth series was released on June 5th 2019.

Series 5

The latest series has three episodes, each with their own trailer.

Smithereens – Andrew Scott takes the lead in this one. He is a taxi driver who is taking a customer to the airport. However, the day takes a horrible turn for the passenger as he gets a gun pointed at him and is surrounded by police.

Rachel, Jack and Ashely, Too – Miley Cyrus plays the role of a famous pop star who has a lonely superfan. She releases an interactive doll, Ashley Too to connect to her fans. But the pop stars life isn't as easy as it may seem.

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Striking Vipers – Anthony Mackie's character and his partner are trying for a baby. But when he comes across an old college friend, their lives are about to change forever.

Black Mirror: Series 5 – out June 5th 2019.


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