Brightburn – Official Trailers

What would have happened if Superman was super – but bad super. I mean really evil and very angry, but with superpowers – amazing superpowers. Well we are about to find out…

Brightburn is the brand new creation from the guys that brought us, Guardians of the Galaxy. The project was made public as far back as 2017, known as the James Gunn Horror project. James is producing the movie with his two brothers providing the script just like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. So if that is anything to go by, this film will be amazing.

The premise is brilliant, it is kinda like Superman but turned completely on its head. So instead of Superman doing nice things and saving the day, he does the exact opposite. Yes, he lands on earth from another planet and is brought up by loving human parents. But instead of discovering his powers and then using them for good, this little guy tests his skills out with horrific results.


It seems like we are going to see more of the Anti Superhero genre. There are films like The New Mutants in the pipeline that push into the Horror theme. But this production bringing the Gunn Brothers and David Yarovesky back together really gets my interest going. Director Yarovesky is no stranger to the new style horror genre, putting his stamp on films like the Hive.

As genres go, the idea of a Superhero Horror is just fantastic. So if you are going to do it why not take a slant on the best of them all Superman. Both of the Trailers released so far for Brightburn look fantastic and certainly puts it right up there on the Movies to watch in 2019.



Brightburn – Trailer 2

Brightburn – Release Date May 24th

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