Doctor Sleep – Official Trailer

40 years after the events that occurred at the Outlook, Danny is back but now with more than just one person after him…

The sequel to the 1980 masterpiece The Shining is set to come out in November this year. The Stephen King novel Doctor Sleep was written in 2013 and is now being turned into a film.

The Shining was famous for its fantastic and gripping directing by Stanley Kubrick, who unfortunately passed away in 1999. Mike Flanagan is directing the sequel. He was the director on The Haunting Of Hill House, which is full of big moments of suspense.

At the start, we see Danny (Ewan McGregor) now 40 years later as a grown man. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he see's the word ‘hello' written out in a childish manner. Words keep appearing on his wall and then one grabs his attention, ‘REDRUM'.

Danny used to write and shout this word all the time when he lived at the Outlook and now someone else is doing the same. He agrees its time to go and meet whoever is contacting him using the ‘shine'.

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Danny goes and meets Abrah Stone (Kyliegh Curran), a girl who thinks she has magic until she is told it is the ‘shining'. Abrah needs Danny's help as she is being chased by Rose the Hat.

Rose is the leader of the True Knot. They are a cult that goes after and feeds on children who have psychic powers.

Danny must now help Abra and stop Rose the Hat from taking her in a life or death scenario. He must face his fears and use his powers to their true potential.

The end of the trailers links back to The Shining. We see clips of Danny as a child riding his bike around as well as the two girls who were murdered in the Outlook. Finally, the trailer ends with Danny sticking his head in the crack of the door as Jack famously did 40 years ago.

Doctor Sleep – In Cinemas November 8th 2019

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