Dumbo Trailer

A waft of a Disney classic has hit radars this week as the official Dumbo trailer has been released. It will be a remake of the 1941 production, however, the animation may have improved over the past eighty years or so. Tim Burton is directing Dumbo, which is a step back marginally from his usual horror themed animations. 

Dumbo is one of those tales which is guaranteed to provide a rollercoaster of emotions. Born into the circus trade, the tamed elephant has no idea about the world beyond performing. His species has been enslaved for centuries but one attribute Dumbo possesses is far different from all the other elephants. Thanks to a magic feather, Dumbo is able to fly! With such a unique talent, it can attract the wrong attention.

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The call of the wild is not Dumbo's biggest challenge to face. When Mrs Jumbo is separated from her baby, Dumbo, that is when the storyline takes an unexpected turn. Fortunately, the flying elephant has some trusted companions to help him along the way.

To know the rest of the story you will have to wait until March. Or just go back to watch the 1941 version, you won't be disappointed.



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