Finding Steve McQueen – Trailer

What do you do when the President has an illegal slush fund? Well, steal it of course. What if you had to change your name because the law is after you, what would you change it to? Steve McQueen of Course…

In 1972 Richard Nixon was re-elected as President for the second time. But Nixon's Presidency had some dark secrets that were yet to surface. One of these secrets was a slush fund that was worth an estimated $30 million. So when a group of thieves from Ohio decide to rob this fund, things go epically wrong.

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson and with a cast that is packed full of talent, this looks like a film that could be a real surprise. Oscar winner Forest Whitaker stars alongside Travis Fimmel (Ragnar from Vikings) and Rachel Taylor.


The thing that stands out with this trailer, is just how stylish it looks. Everything has that retro seventies feel about it and they seem to be playing on this big time. There is a lot of comedy woven into it with the lead character breaking the fourth wall. Travis Fimmel looks great for this part, the last scene in the trailer really made me laugh out loud.

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This looks like a super cool film that has a great backstory, so for me, Finding Steve McQueen is right up there on the list of movies to watch in the next month.

Finding Steve McQueen Release Date – 15th March 2019.



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