Hobbs and Shaw – Teaser Trailer

If you are a fan of The Fast and the Furious you are going to love this. The franchise has just made a new leap with the brand new film coming in 2019 – Hobbs and Shaw.

The Fast and the Furious is one of the biggest movie franchises ever. Eight films have hit the screen with gross profits of over five billion dollars. The first film was released almost eighteen years ago. Fans have flocked to watch the team tear up the streets in the wildest cars around.

Well now there is no team – now we have two characters who genuinely do not get along. Ex-government agent Luke Hobbs and Ex Uk special forces man Deckard Shaw, must team up to take down a superhuman anarchist who dead set on altering the course of humanity. These two unlikely partners have been trying to get at each other for the last few furious movies. So it will be quite funny seeing these two have to get on with business together. But one thing is for sure, both of these badass guys are going to have to be at the best to beat the bad guy played by Idris Elba.

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Hobbs and Shaw was one of the showpiece trailers promoted at the Superbowl 2019. It is the first spin-off from the franchise and looks like a smart move. The Rock and Jason Statham (The Meg) are huge stars in their own right, looking at the trailer this is going to be epic. One thing is for sure, The Rock does not shy away from self-promotion. He was straight onto his social media account just before Superbowl with teasers and you can bet on your life he will be posting lots more.

Hobbs and Shaw Release Date – August 2nd 2019.



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