Isn’t It Romantic Trailer

Over the years, Rebel Wilson has evolved into quite the actor. Since the Australian featured in Brides Maids, Rebel has blown up around Hollywood. She has adapted to the style of a movie which suits her and more often than not, she kills the role.

Ahead of the release of ‘Isn't It Romantic' it would be hard to find anyone in the industry who is more suitable to play the role of Natalie. A young woman living in New York who prior to a life-changing head injury, lived a relatively normal but lonely life. However, once Natalie bangs her head she wakes up in a completely different environment. ‘It looks like someone has put a beauty filter across New York City'.

When she wakes, men all of a sudden admire Natalie, her apartment is amazing, her clothes are top of the range and there is newfound beauty in everyday life. You can expect flowers, flash mobs and even a ‘gay sidekick.' It isn't far from what the majority of people visualise New York as but is this Rom/Com reality right for Natalie? A young hunk (played by Liam Hemsworth) will sweep Natalie off her feet but he may not be ‘the one.'

For all us Rebel Wilson fans it is going to feel like a long wait for the release of Isn't It Romantic, it hits screen Valentines Day only.

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