Jo Jo Rabbit – Official Trailer

Have you ever had an imaginary friend that helped you through the tough times. Someone, to guide you through the darkness. Well, what if that imaginary is Hitler and you are a member of the Hitler youth…

Jo Jo Rabbit is the World War 2 dark comedy that is described as an Anti-Hate Satire. The film is inspired by the book written by New Zealander Christine Leunens called Caging Skies. This screen adaptation is the creation of Taiki Waititi, the comedy genius also from New Zealand. You must be wondering what the heck this is all about – WW2 comedy and Anti-hate satire?

Well, the story focuses on a young boy who is a member of the Hitler youth. But everything changes when he realizes that his mother is secretly hiding a young Jewish girl in their attic. Initially, he is horrified by this. But a stark change in his views rises to the surface aided by his imaginary friend Hitler. Leaving him no choice but to stand up to the blind nationalism that has absorbed his life.

I know what you're thinking, is it right to have a portrayal of Hitler dancing around on screen in a satire. Well in short, yes. It's been done before by the likes of Mel Brooks, but what we have here seems so much clearer in its desired message. For the last few decades, world leaders have used fear and hate as a political tool with the effects clearly bubbling to the surface. So to release a clever satirical story with its sights firmly set on anti-hate is a real breath of fresh air.

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It is fair to say, Taika Waititi has a very unique style that shines out of all of his creations. Films like Eagle vs Shark and What we do in the Shadows were instant cult classics in New Zealand. But his talents have not been overlooked by Holywood, he was brought in to direct Thor: Ragnarok. And on top of that, he is directing Thor 4, he was brought in as a consultant in Avengers: Infinity Wars and is lined up to direct the new action version of Akira.

I’m sure you’re with me on this one, Jo Jo Rabbit has all of the ingredients to be an instant classic. I can see this movie generating a huge cult following. The timing for a film focusing on Anti-Hate could not be more perfect. Simply can not wait to see this film.

Jo Jo Rabbit – Release Date October 18th 2019

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