The Kid – Trailer

Everyone loves a good old fashioned Western. Classic tales of goodies and baddies shooting it out and riding around the western deserts in the blazing sunlight.

In recent years the western has made a comeback. There has been a varied selection ranging from a re-make of The Magnificent Seven to The Hateful Eight. It's fair to say that most of the new westerns hitting the screens sink rapidly. While there are a few that are genuinely good, there is a fair share that are terrible.

One of the most famous stories is that of Pat Garret and Billy the Kid. Yeah I know; it has been told thousand times over. But a good story can be interpreted in many different ways. So when the trailer for the new film The Kid hit my inbox, I was very dismissive and instantly wrote it off. But after a very quick look at the cast and the production team and I became quite interested.

Ethan Hawke is cast as Pat Garret, an actor who has a great track record and looks gritty enough for this role. Dane DeHaan looks brilliant playing Billy the Kid. But then the prospect of seeing Chris Pratt play a bad guy is something that really interests. Pratt will be pushing himself into a very different role here and looking at the trailer, it looks like a smart move.

Vincent D'Onofrio directs and contributes to the story. Vincent has worked with cinematic legends like Stanley Kubrick and it looks like some of that talent has rubbed off on him. Visually this film looks amazing and looks like one of those films that will surprise everyone – could be a top choice for your next film to watch in 2019.

The Kid Release Date – March 2019.

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