Little Official Trailer

Tom Hanks established his Hollywood career in 1988 when Big was released worldwide in cinemas. Thirty-one years later and universal pictures offer us a refurbished version of the classic film. 

‘Little' and ‘Big' have no association with one another. But after watching the Little trailer, it's hard not to draw the comparison. Kenya Barris, who recently signed a $100m deal with Netflix helped produced Little alongside Will Packer.

Regina Hall plays the main role of Jordan Sanders, that's until she is enchanted with a spell which will set her back twenty years. Prior to Jordan's transformation, she was a self-driven independent woman who had success in abundance. Something missing from her life was compassion for others, which was no secret.

Jordan is about to be humbled and the ones who she let her catty wrath out on, will get a chance to answer back. Especially her assistant, April who is played by Issa Rae. April will help Jordan along the way, but she won't take abuse from the ‘kid' anymore.

Little hits screen on March 12th, a couple of weeks before Dumbo, so we are in for a great month of movies.

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