Long Shot – Trailer

How would it feel to be dating the most powerful woman in the world. Well one lucky journalist is about to find out.

Long Shot comes from the same team that brought us Knocked Up and Neighbours. So if you are a fan of those movies then you are sure to like this. The premise looks pretty funny – female secretary of state who runs for president and falls for her oddball writer. Although in real life the female secretary of state running for Presidency would have been Hilary Clinton. Not quite the same in appearance as the film's character.

Seth Rogan picks up the usual typeset role that to be fair he is genuinely good at and very funny. Charlize Theron plays the Secretary of State who is running for President – see not like Hilary Clinton at all. The rest of the cast looks really strong too, with names like Andy Serkis and Alexander Skarsgård picking up key roles.

The trailer looks like heaps of fun, yes it is the same kind of humor that the likes of Seth Rogan churns out on a regular basis. But as a trip to the movie for a few good laughs, this could be right up there. Top it off with a touch of romance and this could well be the perfect date movie.

Long Shot Release Date – 3rd May 2019.


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