Men In Black: International – Official Trailer 2

Sony Pictures Entertainment have brought us our second instalment of trailers for Men In Black: International!

The first trailer came out back in January, (read our review on that here), when it came out. In this one, we're going to look at the difference between the two trailers and what new things we learn from the second one.

The trailer starts off with the same with Agent O telling us that MIB “are a rumour, recognisable only as Deja Vu”. We learned the reason why Agent M went on a 20-year long mission to find the MIB. Her parents had seen something that required MIB to erase their memory. The problem was they didn't do the same to her. We knew she was looking for MIB but we didn't know why.

Upon finding the Men In Black she demands that they take her onboard. Her first mission is to go to London and work with Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) to fight a new threat in the UK.

Liam Neeson (also in The Commuter), who plays the character of the head of MIB UK, explains the threat they are dealing with. A group called The Hive are trying to take over the world. This is a new piece of information in the second trailer. The Hive are able to take the form of anyone, even MIB agents to make it that bit more difficult for them!

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Agent M and Agent H are now out to protect the earth from The Hive. High T (Liam Neeson) tells them that MIB has been compromised and to trust no-one.

From this new trailer, we learn who it is that the MIB are up against, the threat they possess and why Agent M went out of her way to join the MIB.

Men In Black: International – Release Date June 14th, 2019



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