Men in Black: International

If you are a fan of Chris Hemsworth you are in for a treat in the Summer of 2019. He is the lead in the brand new Men in Black spin-off.

Men in Black has been around since way back in 1997. A hugely popular franchise of films starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the movie is based on the comic books by Lowell Cunningham. A super-secret organisation that protects the planet from aliens, monsters and anything else that is threatening humanity.

The last movie to hit the screens was in 2012. But now we have a brand new Men in Black movie with a fresh cast to boot. Emma Thompson comes back as the head of the US Men in Black but it looks like everyone else is new. Chris Hemsworth jumps into the lead role playing Agent H and he looks like he is perfect for the role. He is no stranger to action movies that are a little bit out there including Thor. However he also displayed just how talented he is in a comedy role in the last Ghostbusters movie where he was hilarious.

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Tessa Thompson who played Valkyrie alongside Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok is jumping into the role of Agent H's partner – Agent M. Liam Neeson comes in as the head of MIB UK and from the trailer this role looks perfect for him too. Hearing his voice say “We are the Men in Black” is a good start.

Looking at the cast and the new trailer, the new film looks like a whole heap of fun with possibly more laugh out loud moments that the first three movies put together. Due for release June 2019 and I can't wait to see this.



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