Nappily Ever After Trailer

Nappily Ever After hits Netflix on September 21st. The movie is based on the novel of same name by Trisha R. Thomas and stars Sanaa Lathan in the lead role as Violet Jones.

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Violet's life is almost complete. She has a wonderful boyfriend, a great job, good friends and most off all – perfect hair! But when her boyfriend surprises her, not by proposing, but with a dog, Violet has to re-assess how she seen in the world. Added to her troubles are problems at work. So with her life spiralling out of control Violet does one crazy thing. She shaves her hair off. All of it.

With more time on her hands and more money in her pocket (it costs a lot to have hair that good!) Violet begins a new journey of self-discovery. This film is poignant and relatable and huge kudos goes to Sanaa Lathan who actually shaved her head for her role in this film. We may all love the latest collection of teen inspired rom-coms, but Nappily Ever After is for the grown-ups!



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