Norm McDonald Has A Show Trailer

Norm McDonald is a Canadian stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. Most famous for his work on Saturday Night Live he also appears as a guest in plenty of US sitcoms such as The Middle and Roseanne. Now Netflix have given Norm his own chat show!

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Norm McDonald Has A Show begins airing on Netflix on Friday September 14th and features a large number of very well known guests including Chevy Chase, Drew Barrymore, Judge Judy, David Letterman and Jane Fonda. The only problem is that I'm not sure it will actually be that funny! Of course I plan to watch it but for now I only have the trailer to go on. It looks a bit scatty and random. As if somebody just plonked McDonald in a studio and told him to wing it.

It hasn't had the greatest of responses from critics but sometimes what critics favour and what the viewing public actually like to watch are two very different things. McDonald is currently embroiled in controversy regarding remarks he made about the #MeToo movement. That may impact how people now view his new show and their overall opinion of him. That said, the current press attention will probably increase viewing figures (cynical, I know) but whether or not it is actually any good remains to be seen.

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