Pet Sematary Trailer

Once in a blue moon, we have to bid farewell to our furry companions. We possess much love for our pets and for centuries have given them their own burial ceremonies. We even go as far to segregating our animals into their own graveyards. One burial ground, however, is that of nightmares!

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A story brought to you by Stephen King as creatures who have a close relationship with death return to our world to terrorise the living. For a family (roles played by Jason Clarke & Amy Seimetez) who recently moved to the rural area with their two children, they have been led to believe this is their dream home. The estate is bigger than they have ever lived in before, however, it comes at a cost far greater than money. Near their new family home lays a forest which the locals reveal a dark secret about.

For anything which is buried in the forest, the only thing guaranteed is a resurrection. The woods have a certain power to them, or is it just an old folktale? You'll have to wait until April to find out what happens between the trees.

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