Rambo: First Blood – Teaser Trailer

If your daughter gets kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, who better to call upon than Rambo?

37 years after we met the tough war hero he's back again with a fifth instalment. Rambo: Last Blood has been in the pipeline for the last 11 years, with plans being made for the film back in 2008. Sylvester Stallone said there would be a fifth film depending on how successful John Rambo was.

Adrian Grunberg is directing the film, that's written by Stallone, and it's due for release in cinemas 20th September 2019. At the Cannes film festival in 2019, Stallone confirmed that he would carry on the role of Rambo if the new film was to be successful as well.

The trailer starts with Rambo sat on a chair at the front of his ranch, saying he's “lived in a world of death”. He is now retired to his farm leaving a peaceful life. But there's only so long the ex-US Army Special Force soldier can sit around doing nothing before he has to get back fighting.

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Rambo's friend's daughter has been kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel and he's going to rescue her. We see him preparing himself in his house, sharpening his knives and preparing defences. He leaves his ranch and heads to Mexico where he is met by a large angry group of drug dealers.

He needs to try and take down Hugo Martinez's (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) cartel and get Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal) back. Rambo will do this with the help of Carmen Delgado (Paz Vega), a reporter who has been following the cartel trade.

We see towards the end cars full of cartel heading for Rambo's farm. But they haven't accounted for who he is and what he has set up for them. As they have drawn first blood will it be Rambo who draws last blood?

This isn't the usual Rambo films where we're used to seeing him fighting all over the world. This time the fight has come to his front door and he's ready to take it head-on.

Rambo: Last Blood – Release Date September 20th, 2019

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