Shaft – Teaser Trailer

It's time to get cool – super cool. John Shaft, the coolest cop that ever lived is back and he is going to give you “more Shaft than you can handle”…

Shaft first hit the screens way back in the 1970s, a fictional character created by Ernest Tidyman. Possibly “the first black action hero”, the character was a massive hit. There has been comic books, movies, and a television show. Richard Rountree played John Shaft the first, who like many other '70s heroes possessed skills in martial arts. But his biggest power was his coolness, this guy is the coolest cop on the block and everyone knows it.

Samuel L Jackson picked up the role in 2000, the coolest Hollywood star playing the coolest cop. This film was well received by the critics and grossed over 100 million in the box office. The new Shaft introduced lots of comedy, which complemented the character perfectly. Jackson seems to love playing this character. Fans will love the build-up to the new movie, there is heaps of funny stuff popping up #SHAFTSays.

The new feature from the franchise is set to hit cinemas in June 2019. Looking at the trailer this looks like it is going to be a whole heap of fun. This is the brand turned to eleven, even the promotional strapline is pushing the boundaries “more Shaft than you can handle”. Strap yourself in for the coolest ride of your life.

Release Date – June 14th 2019.

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