Slaughterhouse Rulez Trailer

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It has been a matter of years since we last saw Simon Pegg and Nick Frost combine to create a hilarious apocalypse movie. Fortunately, the pair is back in Slaughterhouse Rulez. Simon plays an unconventional teacher in a disciplined boarding school which has a certain standard in its everyday procedures. Seeing Simon Pegg handle that formality alone would have been hilarious, but the real story is what is in the woods which surrounds the school grounds. 

The Forrest is strictly off bounds, and the Headmaster knows something that everyone else is blind to see. When a mysterious sinkhole appears, this is when we get introduced to Nick Frost, who is a Fracker on the site. This is no normal sinkhole and its depth has no limit. A portal to hell has been opened and a bloodbath is about to descend on the Slaughterhouse School. Get to the cinema on Haloween and witness what dark entities will rise up from the sinkhole.




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