Sonic The Hedgehog – Official Trailer

First released in 1991 by Sega as a videogame we're now set to see Sonic The Hedgehog in real life in the new film from Paramount Pictures!

Sonic first broke onto the scene in 1991. The supersonic, human talking hedgehog was made into a videogame by Sega. It was a massive hit throughout the '90s and early 2000's. Now we are in a time where we see lots of our videogame favourites on the cinema screen and Sonic is no different.

Jeff Fowler is making his directorial debut with this film with the help of Neal Moritz who has produced the Fast and Furious franchise. Ben Schwartz is going to be the voice of Sonic whilst Jim Carrey takes on the role of Ivo Robotnik/Doctor Eggman. James Marsden (also in Dead To Me) is Tom Wachowski, a newly appointed sheriff who helps Sonic. The film has a budget of $90 million so expect big things.

At the start of the trailer, Tom can be seen sitting in his police car checking car speeds on an empty road. His speed gun goes off at a level he's never seen before. Upon further investigation, he finds a blue hair that seems to have an electric current running through it.

Sonic's incredible speed managed to cut out all the power across the Pacific Northwest leading to an investigation by the American Government. They bring in the help of Ivo Robotnik, much to the annoyance of the army. His job is to help track down what has done this and put a stop to it. Now Sonic has the local sheriff and the army looking for him!


Tom finds Sonic hiding in an unused shed and panics. He shoots Sonic with a tranquillizer dart and takes him with him. Sonic comes round to explain to Tom what he is doing here. He tells him that he is here to save Earth from Doctor Eggman. It turns out that whilst Robotnik is trying to track down Sonic for the army it's more for his personal gain!

Robotnik can be seen saying to his assistant they need to capture Sonic and neutralise him. Robotnik is keen to “see what makes him tick”. Tom assists Sonic to San Francisco to help him evade getting captured and to collect his rings. The trailer shows us a scene in which Sonic has got to the top of a building and Robotnik is trying his best to destroy him but struggles due to his speed.

As the trailer comes to a close we see Doctor Eggman for the first time. Sonics enemy looks an awful lot like Ivo Robotnik…

The trailer only came out only three days ago and has hit 22 million views! It has however come under criticism. Many fans have said that the film version looks a lot different from the Sega version. Jeff Fowler has responded to these claims and said they will redesign Sonic to fit the original more.

The film will be a big hit with loves of the videogame, should they redesign him well. Jim Carrey is back doing his first film in three years and looks to have another very funny slapstick performance.

Sonic The Hedgehog – Release Date November 8th, 2019

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