Soul – Teaser Trailer

Pixar is back with a brand new story of Soul searching that is guaranteed to pull on the heartstrings.

If you sometimes wonder, what life is all about or you are seeing your dreams fade away. Then Soul from Disney Pixar looks to have all of the answers. Meet Joe Gardner, a music teacher who has always dreamed of being a great Jazz performer. But just as he is about to get his big break. Joe has a freak accident that splits his body away from his Soul. All Souls are taught their passions in the You Seminar and when Joe's Soul becomes stuck there he must find himself once more to get back before it is too late.

It's fair to say that Pixar is not giving away a great deal in this first teaser trailer. But one thing is certain is that Soul will be asking some serious life questions. In fact, the first minute of the trailer hits us with questions like “What would you want to be known for on earth?” and “You want to become the person you were born to be?”. Pixar movies have always got heaps of inspiring messages. But some stand out more than others like Inside Out and Up that both focus on the search for inner happiness.


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Pixar Studios has one of the most creative teams ever seen. But the person behind the films Inside Out and Up is arguably the person who has written some of their best material. So it's no surprise to see that Soul is the new film developed and Directed by him. Pete Docter is now the Cheif Creative Officer at Pixar but has been around since well before the release of Toy Story in 1995. Each of his films manages to inspire in the most wonderful way which means Soul will be one to watch if you need to find your direction again.

Another great thing about Pixar films, in general, is that there are always fantastic cast members. So Soul is no different, with the amazing Jamie Fox and Tina Fey picking up the lead roles. After a long list of remakes from Pixar, Soul certainly looks set to put them back on track. The only problem is, we are going to have quite a wait before we actually get to see it.


Keep upto date with the Soul Twitter Feed.


Pixars Soul – Release Date June 2020




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